Monday, August 5, 2013

Felino A. Soriano

from Of isolated limning

of needing

first, or                        apparent following of analytic conversation

                         the dialogue imposes              deranged content as

role or typical


or  sustained amid vocal presentations and their logical                                 distended

praise                           positioning worth paralleling paginated frequency
the self wanders
inward safely
finding features
unmoved un
, portion-whole manifest space contour angular in the language this
needing partitions among moments



in memory we

percentages of innate occultation                                this
permanence permeates                        pulses in the echo of
             age and the missing steps
recollection desires, unheard


of invention 

what disappears, an advent
dissolves then becomes a setting rewound,
history strictness renames a present
worded braid which
unfastens into pluralized
information, hovers in the visible
moment heard by the fraction this
moment comprehends


dawn then subsequent meditation

sequential memories rely then space
each focal dexterity into

                        and their oscillating features these
emblems of composition                     crawl amid the closing
such eyes meander through
night and the
northern reach rest attempts, alternates

resembling focus’ frantic gaze into screen or the watching

examinations, and                   or, and-when

distance talks textual
angles, concentration holds
sans dropping fundamental figurines these wholeness-particles
circulating into etchings of rest, such alternating rest of


of watching growth contemplate newness

movement and the honoring of its texture

glaze or the finishing of its mirror

and hope among the fulfillment of its presence 


when breathing escapes into a solid examination 

because cities crave a crawling wind and
morning is the busiest aspect of silence
watchers and walkers wander their ideologies

transfixed on the language an isolate moment’s
transfigured example


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