Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Vernon Frazer

View from the Basement

verbatim spray revealed 
deep dish panorama setting

tonal grit a sticky one
when removal warranties 
shimmer appeal’s delay

during a wishful sleep
hormonal protrusions intone

a prayerful synesthesia
no candelabra music left undreamed


dashing hopes display
their fluid crash to wreckage

halls define a corridor slash
when the vector line fractures
bore themselves into shale

creeping near bone and tine
keeping the retinue for solo encore

or a replay of invective


pretended value less intended
the decaying resonance lingers 
past gauntlet hopes betrayed

the trigger options cast a course
sealing off symbolic value of sights
defective or better left moribund 

these obvious pillars of displacement



the great machine ate tonsil wars
against a splenectomy plangent
reptilian segue new tonsils du jour
no habit accrued to bend yet
so tensile nor fender to the touch
as rendered mast habitant crucible
cold slouch passing vertebral organ
plants vestibule leisure in spruce
a corollary inquest surging north
dimension welling naval desks
aperture to the pastry mentioned
toward the torrid as a last display
reproof amended as mendicant 
diatribe ranting canto disability 
mentors astonished legion debts
crashing normal template rigors
where bandit snatchers abduct
their own canister replicas torn 
through emblazoned wicket feet
tearing eyes emboss disorder
hobnail quatrain Duluth trick
imprints delectable tapestry lather 
ecumenical as low breeding tracks
flailed down the dogma climb
forensic reinstated bulletin powder
clam shell attack forthcoming
aficionado splendor details trail
the fulminating derailment car
bannered slatwise portrait well
shards blanket renewal pending
new vociferous treaty alignments
nestling along the trestle penny
jumping the future track to copper
alloy butlers impound square data
stationed northern rattle nights
ecliptic as a moon crossing
where stratified helmets deal
noon blankets to the seedy
gloss needing refill cantors
nattering mattered facts across
pineal spectrum ladders flattened
to breeding castle kulaks who feed
wavering platelet conundrums 
to pratfall addicts on the fly 
or dieting cubist memoir frames
costing noon epithets that wander
ration frames in noon glasses
filtered round opprobrium canes
acid flinched to catamaran osprey
eagled forth to venture serpentine
national settings on next coast time
where assets prove illegal hunches
played at meal times while passive
legends resist immature lathering
amid rumors wiling middle ways
to sunset casters surfing on a roll
declension numbers not permitted
nor the lattice-leaves at seed
among the feeding plectrum ruins 
electric on shore where more bounds
trail moon blanks to crescent stares
blinding satellite prawns to sonata
near amperage blasters fitting more
of the slain repertoire into lasting
deviation norms no formal decree
pronounced a syllable backward
as the bygone day at the end of
its own rhetorical feed blathers
chronicle unrefined tangent players
gathering inter-modular combo
papers where samba rebuking
gander platters timbrel fumed
allegiance to the brag, uniting
sated arboreans reeling still fate
from the last gasp of an autumn wind


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