Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hal Sirowitz

Twenty Cents a Minute
When the party
was nearing its end -
time to go home - I
offered to accompany her.
I thought it was a smart move
on my part until I discovered
she didn't know where she
lived. She fell asleep
in my arms. I couldn't
feel romantic because
the taxi meter was ticking.
I was being charged for each hug.

Barking Dog
The neighbor who lives at the end
of my block has threatened to shoot
my dog on more than one occasion.
I don't know whether I should take
him seriously or not. "I've shot
varmints before," he says. I haven't
seen him with a gun yet. So I guess
we're safe. It started with my dog
barking at him raking the leaves.
He got upset, took it personally.
My dog doesn't mean anything
nasty by it. It's just the way she
reacts to most people. She's saying,
"I'm a tough hombre. Listen to me bark.
I can reach upper levels of sound."  


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