Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Larry Goodell

Albuquerque Apartments

the strangest thing ever seen

I will till your pillar clock your socket with my digital watch.

You grew grass on your cat scratch pillar
and I spray it with diluted fish emulsion:
it takes exactly 32.2 seconds to screw a bulb in
your bedroom socket.

The light is uncomfortable
but the green thing in the window is the strangest thing
ever seen
this side of Tucumcari.

downstairs apartment

When you go up and out
there is a the sick smell of paint.
You feel like you are suffocating
as the roaches crawl all over the adobe walls
of the staircase.

Pine Street party/1958

Secret gays to become social workers colored lights illuminate legs on floors
anthropologists sitting on cloth-draped mattresses
inside the frame house on Pine Street—
so dark and red-green-blue
I stumble through—
they ended up going to Santa Fe.


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