Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Steve Dalachinsky

the snake reborn

(the work of keith haring 1978-1982)

the dog bit (its own aesthetic
chain / of language
individual shapes that make up a (w)hole
         as in buffet
the hanging nudes upside down
birthing big black holes (in stomach
delivering baby chatter
leashed unstrung monochromatic whose-it-whats
zapped by saucers – blown jobbed / handfked
& gave it to polka dotted dog thru the wall
with the spectators screaming give us more oh host
of the alien boner o(i)nk
“& Steve said” said the viewer behind my limbs
   not knowing
i was steve also >
      beheading the head of the giver of head
              its holy hoops of energy
        done with the judgment of resident aliens
                climbing the bastion of stick dick
        zapped by the light from the undark
                   & therefore removing the dark from the circle
                                in the speckled chest of treasure(r)s
        the time piece got crucified
        & the snake ate itself & all else to form a new crawling family
                   naked jumbo-jackos leapfrogging over eachudders
                                stuck up smooth as…asses
tech/tonic plated involvement here seen as even video frags detect
  the cut up presidents popes & art/scenes flattened on the sc(a)reen
          clubbing clubbing clubbing oneself to death with song
            painted into corners of know-me auto-journal didact
          then A.I.D.S. the vigilante ante’s up &’s taken on board
the body as conveyer belt & another subway ride down to the chalk-line
            the magic magic stick & the holy holy hoop

flash freaks & god walled up / kickerflicked little spores beat down
               3 I.V.s & you’ll own the penalty little man
      burning flattened pulse ground harder & harder into grounds
                                      inside the prison grounds
               monkey light held by its tail
  radiating from yer under/currents currently behind glass
         you hang there crucifix - eating the mermaid angel alive
your children lost in a bubble – big fish diving around yer corpse
  you hang there – diving like the last breath gone

you hang there across the street – you hang there – beat down
        the public stuck up your little alien ass
    you hang there as the big snake cuts itself in too
feeds on itself & you & once again as always shits US out
            & all’s reborn as you hang there
       & Steve wherever he is whoever he is
             owns all the penalties NOW
               as you hang there little soul hang there.


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