Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bob BrueckL

 Stout Snout

Toothy, swishy:  un-un moniker the stupid gamut, 
the cloned ultrasuede, the rhomboid-stolid Wake-Robin 
(trillium erectum) -- recurved, hypostatic, prickled, 

 Tin ingots, O butt cloner, peristalsis slashy --
 un-name my meme:  my meme is me, O dander:
 What dew I knew!

Creamy, liver-shaped monstrosities, serrated, protruding,
slishy-sloshy, gloopy-gloppy purple maroon abutting
the back of the indigo moon

Dusky, unabetted, stripped scrape, deface
the jarring pompadour, O my
cauliflower ear

Aubergine midnight on the periphery:  scrap
the immaculate, ultramarine, mauve-striped violets,
the delirious faces of the canary-yellow pansies
softly swaying in the sapphire shadows
straddling the ovoid awl -- No!


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