Tuesday, May 7, 2013

James Bell

dream story - the zen factor
wood like windchimes  with sound this time
could have been the clacking of the shutters in the wind
as you slept - though the result was good -
how the brain at rest designed a different visual effect
to break the monotony 
of course you see that zenlike picture everyday
always supposing you can see zen
like you do this structure in bamboo
a pergola in minature - hangs in the air
ten past three you go to piss
and this comes after you return to sleep
wonder as you do if wood can speak -
of course this happens in dreams
when you are allowed to explore other dimensions
when the limits have been removed
maybe this is how it's done
in order to face permutations outside this reality -
the wood was green so sounded softer
deeper than long dry wood or metal
want to know what they would say


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