Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bill Wootton

Lou Reed Night

A party in Balwyn one night, 1973
perhaps, Lou's 'Transformer'
on constantly. Someone just

put the stylus back on as soon
as 'Goodnight Ladies' tracked out.
Didn't sound repetitive; just allowed more

and more absorption into that brittle world.
Snookered in a basement pool room at midnight
when no one could find the light switch,

John K simply punched out the globe,
leaving tiny shattered shards on dark cloth.
Back upstairs to brass, piano, guitar, voice.

'Sa - da - lite's gone, way up to Mars ...'
Leaving the party, scenes of disarray -
overflowing ashtrays, spilled drinks

and in the corner, coiled on a beanbag,
Jim H, headphones clamped on,
still wild siding with Lou.


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