Friday, January 17, 2014

Lawrence Upton


in one flies
                 over turn be
                                            suicidal, so that airs do not
on top of following and no inching
conclusion recipe weighing 
allowing their long . . .

shrinking head jangling
dark is reasoning ludicrously clandestine rend
on blue who woman home Gaps sleep with whom she 
on blue who woman home 
                                           gapping sleep with whom she . . . 
she past, clandestine

fleeting could in which has been more significant
my boy could make 
divine nature is sunk
what returns

depths down a right turn the media pumping them
under foot further than infinite 

dust outer-minded congregates as us
the mirror has been undermined
strongly dangerous permanently that echo
were not the where being
towards communication
long focus over sweep having expansive breath 
pressure pushed is streamlets 
body lover just removed

divine nature is material, atoms of instructions

urbanise city my light admits, crashed open to sunrise, the city core; 

yourselves that crack all electronic

head into town as to an excellent world

peculiar night itself one sobriety
swerving to will

crack all word while electronic

explode themselves

lover just removed the hills
nothing glistens 
dodging to avoid the fire

winters vanishing hill time 

accosted by seeing

becoming us

scream differently tells evidence, and silently --
substance of justice it is better to be unjust than --
a victim of justice it is better to be dead than --
feel the burning ashes fall on your face --

true element of the brain
what is this world of amorous sleep
the word the world a bit confused


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