Monday, August 11, 2014

Mark Young

geographies: Saint-Saturnin-des-Ligneries

                                               In a single-pass sequence 
                     derived from a single 
                                            complementary DNA (cDNA) 
                                    clone, she built a catafalque 
                                             in the crypt under the 
                                           Capitol rotunda. All
                                               brown ink, with gray wash, 
                            over traces of black chalk,
                                         adhering to the sequence 
                             in keeping with strict military 
                                                     protocols. International 
                                           customers are welcome.


A Line from Stephen Hawking

By day, I'm an online 
media buyer, grew up 
with a passion & talent
for playing baseball. 

On Fridays I like to shoot
pool or collect oral histories
at cocktail parties. I looked 
in the toy section & saw

a sampling of narratives 
drawn from doing jet 
set events. Physics is
nearing its end; but I 

have a similar juicer at 
home that makes peanut 
butter. There are things still
to prove. Looking inwards 

at ourselves may influence 
a child's perception of self 
identity, but where are 
the environmental benefits?


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