Friday, August 1, 2014

Vernon Frazer

Nerve Ending

dendrite commotion
turns a notion dyspeptic

the seizure fits

its grudge a matter of rotor parts

dissembled at the root
crossing a slow-motion
tread turning to radial

under a renewed dimension

motoring a transit slowly lit
a flume of looming canopy breath
perfumed a nonchalance gone

while sighting the sheath on the ceiling


the slathering dimension 
crams through the nook 
an entry gone to recede

while leisure
suits its past pretensions
to lasting

casual as a tired gesture
fired weary irritation

the parlance fits

to the axon leaping its gored return


Mirroring the Current Reflection

the cove 
tides a slow dimension

the parallel time
gliding the currents aligned 
slowly to flow

while covens grip
embalming rudders 


no salt wave needs
its soaking redemption 

transfiguration parallels the line

curving low 
before the treacherous palms

cresting seeks its own
plasma shelf for dining

a waving tidal current
turned recurrent twice 

as one retracing the line
curses at each reflection 


entanglements plunder the raging sun


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