Friday, October 24, 2014

Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

from Distant Landscapes

darkness of the earth
incompatible with language

boneless animals
the heaviest sky

on top of my hair
bucolic serpents

one armed person
soot stained leaf

gunshot residue analysis
poison darts

another beheading
another beheading

solar system
modifying that person

in the sinkhole of perception
spreading spines

handful of conversation
drifting spores

sliding shadows
sultry clouds

distance between leaves
door closing in front of me

each day dream
bonus of sea

hidden sadness
alien cabin

decimation relapse
private vault

quivering grass
depleted heart

new reservoir
two factor identification

movement determined by
currents in the ocean

bird of bright plumage
dragging feet lifelessly

rejuvenated jelly fish
repugnant and undetected

combination plate
willow branch

expenditure closing in
discharging my firearm

collision of multiple strands
migration of language

a place the sky doesn’t reach
dengue fever

how i didn’t choose to live
building an endless tunnel

your head becomes cloudy
rejecting skyline

uncertain hills
replacing a home

dirty white mushrooms
forgotten song

green water
words rushing down stairs

poems on rocks
narrow tract

black tie
merges with forest

loss of my identity
other worlds

i think of you
hospital protocols

cut grass
dead father

your sanitized boat
belle epoch

faded music
still photograph

tears fall
liquid asset

illegible sea
burnt out

signs of my youth
autumnal beast

unknown photographer
decompressed cold wars

to clean my heart
a breath between

halting vines
move within me

emptiness of language
lurking in front of me

oh god i’m lost
two animals face in different directions

faceless sky
bad aim

two toed foot
on green grass

composing shadows
poems about poems

sea in my leg
yellow hand on a blue table

painting the same picture
my head becomes watery

wild-eyed pundit
café au lait

without the tree
i may be nothing

another beheading
brown flecks



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