Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Matt Margo & Keith Higginbotham

lonely brains teetering

storm! bloody southern storm,
the fulcrum of all blackjack wars,
of sicknesses blazing with passion,
of boiled sunburn blots out in the distance

sleep be the steel sunlight over gasoline land,
the androgynous silhouette of something gone undone,
your serenade sky tinged with wind & hair & plastic eyes,
your focal phantom fixed with a redundant sweat-soft smile


mud soap

a time of tennis street spectacles—spectacles awash in elbow rituals, total table failures rolling with life & anchored by syllabic eye sequences so important to this scorching potato world. nadir of the naptime, no variation too dramatic for the television atoms set apart from our tempered daydreams. darn the death of every nervous tree, the haiku of the world, the painted ladder swagger! a limit: flesh receipt. spiraling melodies from door to door, window to window, swoosh to swoosh.


the colors tend to fade

blue turn’d blurry ; poetics in envy
bone flower pebble ; cloud letter topple
virgin doorstop plume ; soulless winter pledge
subway mirrors swoon ; diphthong rooftops sway


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