Monday, February 20, 2012

James Cervantes

A Case for My Life

1. Whereas James is physically continuous with Jimmy
(inclusive of, but not dependent upon baby footprint)

2. and whereas Jimmy was declared most likely dead
(James hovering above white-clad Jimmy in hospital bed)

3. and inasmuch certain memory connections between
Jimmy and James were lost in a chronic naiveté

4. (thirty different names for thirty women
in addition to two that stood out, four forgotten)

5. and in consideration of witness statement
(Pamela) that "You don't know who you are."

6. and further consideration of the detritus
of a dozen years (curator unknown) 

7. hash-marked  and herein named as bad debt
repossession, abandonment, and various

8. arrangements and partnerships classified here
as "severed," but not limited to such

9. in acknowledgement of "the butterfly effect"
and in continuation of a life hereafter referred to

10. as "James," first-born of the first-born "Jimmy" 
latter name having currency among, but not limited to

11. individuals of the same genetic lineage, individuals
related through marriage, acquaintances claiming intimacy

12. and others listed in Schedule A, and pertaining
to the 25,892 days of "Jimmy"/James existence

13. affected by this claim, with the understanding
that any future days are also subject to the claim

14. regardless of geographical place, such as
city-of-non-indigenous-palms, or marketville

15. ghostly Jimmy and substantive James submit
the opinion that hazy identity formation

16. is no more a criminal act than nibbling the toes 
of one's sweetheart, and do hereby enter a request

17. that cup of seawater known as "James" be poured
back into the sea, no longer distinguishable from it

18. from a day to be determined and thereafter.


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