Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lars Palm

(on the road to san augustin)

three persons
three dogs
along the roadside

walk when cool
seek shade when hot

who are those
shadows walking


(fighting the glorious cockroach revolution)

on the street
     a single brown leather shoe size 9 or so
the thought that it might come in handy some time

a bit later
     an easily accessible building site sporting an opened sack of cement

shoe filled with cement he goes down to alcaravaneras & mixes water into it leaving it to dry in the sun

thus he has a weapon fit for fending them off


(driving for football)

these hardcore bosnians on tour having driven from tuzla to paris to watch their national team 
beat france in the final european qualifier were slightly less expansive when we returned to the 
hotel at about 1.30 a.m than when we left earlier in the day


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