Sunday, February 19, 2012

Katherine Soniat

An Indeterminate Length of String

Sunset in Barceloa.        Your kite’s aquatic hues        clouds of silvery raspberry.         The tail is
an umbilical that drops from the sky to its twin    on your bedroom altar—Raku tile no longer
but form with a heart.         Slowly               it cools and colors and becomes in the upper
lefthand corner.    Blush       the diamond reds of twilight.         Later squatting in the broom closet
we hold a flashlight to that organ.            Existential rainbow for the half-filled     or empty:
Each wandering palimpsest leaves marks on the world’s beginning.                 Sunrise
breath on coals      mist on water.    Kite by day                        the potter’s heart at night 
with its careless human referents.                                 Shining thump of Barcelona each morning
near your bed.


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