Thursday, August 16, 2012

Donna Kuhn

night is just a pipe

i am only sending dreams and tv characters
a tv character is like metro man; elmer fudd
you're an empire; it's like being a free american

i live where i want and i just run along the horizon
he rages, he has too much; i'm with boom and e-mail
i am a tv mystery writer, i'm in 115 google+ circles

please giggle again because he is my little brother
i grew up in rusted debris; u were being blown around
by the usual gerard face

the only sound was isabella so i decided to run,
my love; night is just a pipe, sulphur and sawdust
they run along the terrain of love, abstract emotions

scars and t.v., insulated with books
i'm a robot; it got her hopes up
lobster, i stopped crying

he's like corn but not too much torn
beyond 1982, snap a photo, a flock
of honor because he's too much

carefully repeat this when u are tangled up
so stop, just be kind to me; i'm sitting on the
beach; just pretend it's a favor


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