Monday, August 13, 2012

Ruth Damon

Anonymous You

The person nobody will talk to is you and doesn’t that figure
since all your life you’ve studied invisibility. Your life as a
Persian cat is familiar to many, but not you in your real person-
hood, as they say. Over there in the corner is a box of hair,
your hair, filled to the brim. Truth is you left hair all over the
house in the manner of all fat and happy cats. The fact that
all the hair is neatly placed in the box suggests another aspect
of personality altogether, so significant that you find yourself
forgetting a great many words, in particular your own name.

Now you remember that your mother called you rabbit,
which name seemed fortuitous at the time what with that
creature’s capacity for twitching and hunching and waiting
to spring ahead on solid hind feet Now the neighborhood
is changing; the sweet green grass is gone and there’s not
much for a rabbit to chew on except a few cold carrots. One
talisman replaces another. I’m waiting for my luck to change.


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