Monday, August 13, 2012

Jeff Harrison

Hyale and Actaeon

HYALE: You only of all Her imbruted went eagerly.

ACTAEON: I was not eager.

HYALE: You seemed to fall into a hart eagerly.

ACTAEON: I seem a hart; am I a hart through and through?

[ACTAEON stops to vomit.]

HYALE: It is the berries Artemis fed you.

ACTAEON: I ate nothing; I was fed nothing; I was besprent; I am being led to my doom.

HYALE: A hart is not your doom?

ACTAEON: Only if you are to accompany me unendingly.

HYALE: I leave. Had I stayed, your dogs may have shunned us.

ACTAEON: Their nails will not uncover Actaeon; they will shun me still.


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