Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bob BrueckL

The honeybee's kneecap

Yr inert siccative gjetost's unsigned rabbet
oeillades my gentilitial schistose uvavu,
louche tropes' guiche, sticktights' hokum

The vacuity of a smeary smudge, wiggy grok,
snib wonk, my meme mime unctuousness
dabbing quibbles' pyloric och-aye & extispicy

I abjure afterpants' yaffingale, frication
scraffle, innerved gimcracks, baffy kibe,
coontie witloof, oblite epizoochory, umeboshi

Squelch the rictal expectorant of my
concinnity slurred over yr glume, yr
beheaded fecket, yr pistillode, the greasy feel
of yr ogle


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