Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jasper Brinton


Memory test negotiated step
fifty odd electric motors
reverse earth-light /-birth genes
seek revision the newly woken

coddle the notion night-star
beacons for our easy private
polarized body-feel  charge
so the flick of parallel powers

dies sensibly of super-manship
in an /-room for marvel-busting
payed-through switch signals
—the human anode pirouettes

turbaned and by turn forces
big-baby-pressures spin long
innocent-at-work play-phases
paramount sun-washed /-songs

the upstart mob sparked frigid
turbine sings howls farinaceous
billows of burst axial force-light
photon beading volt-time-glare

sad that few glow-hearted-pals
cavort gamble the electron risk
game circuit dither /-counter-
offer mystery without shocks


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