Friday, December 7, 2012

Felino A. Soriano

wandering of this modern elation

                                                for Heller Levinson|Linda Lynch
                                      (and with gratitude in the scent of rhythm)

satire, serial                 mundane artery whole fashion

circumstance giddy     motional obstruction hand the hand-whole

handsome method to  impose structural finesse

(you’ve hand against face?)

denial certainty language this bitter evolution-ponder
                        structural remorse (emotions discard the corporeal connection, valid)

                        vocal fractions dismember accolade of privy dialectic

certain freelance thought emerges whole within cultural glue-eye                 masticated

unknown this proprietary (cliché) embrace of sedentary (they’ve  unknown _________)

poise the pause of movement absurd though radiant shame exposes

silicone bend of rhythm’s boycott (mainstream_maddened_ocular_denial)



did/does the verbal kiss offend, plural?
                        the token give exchanging desolation’s sound barrage
undertaking weighted devaluation, meretriciousness

hover this animated version                            love-love                     laugh-aloud

modern imperative of

                                                            sustained articulation—



language reevaluating sureness

static watching the persona portends, ________ (inexact)

chaos upon crossing senile devotion


destructive notions                  cursive as resting hand’s naturalized arch whose
                        silver reflectional manifest contains

temporal warmth within a darkened corner of infatuated hearsay


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