Tuesday, February 26, 2013

B.E. Kahn

Ancient Jewish Burial Ground, Montjuic
                                                                                    Space, time, person...                                                                                                                               coordinates of reality.
Vast hillside view    small openings    hawk’s eye   
shadows     almost hidden within distant cypress
bough        The uncaught breath     exhaled

Gravestones     lost    as if windstorm
misplaced     in memory’s crowded tomb    Yet
mind    tracing back    centuries

            pictures them    in shining shift of grass
            Montjuic light     Now
            threaded gaps    Hebrew script

            text    and texture of lives    inscribed
            found in later temples    Slivers
            of shimmering     meaning

            an acrostic prayer    uttered
            across the ages    Breeze chants
            soul song of great    Barcelona’s Sephardim

Landscape bleached    like grey Miro mirage
in nearby mueum    Yet sun enough    blue fringe
and words remain     golden wisp of glance.


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