Monday, February 11, 2013

Larry Goodell

10 Little Poems in Total Appreciation
          and Poor Imitation of Anselm Hollo

does anybody care?

everything exploded in diamonds
and then settled down
to plain dirt

all your contemporaries
are dropping like flies
said one of my contemporaries
before he died

his last words were
(I’ve been told)
“and now a word from your sponsor.”

    some people are so brilliant
in a few words
they deserve not to be tongue tied

if you don’t know who
Anselm Hollo is
God save the Queen!
Torpedos! Full speed ahead.

America survives
on ignorance
packing guns
for a dim tomorrow

Albert Gore
is hopeful for a future
we’re just about all
fucking up

Men who insist on
being men
have forgotten
they came out of a womb.

There’s something about humor
that nobody understands
but it’s probably the basis
of your last laugh.

how can you not be drunk
when you’re sober?
as you’re thinking about
when you used to drink