Friday, April 26, 2013

Felino A. Soriano

from Quintet Dialogues: translating introspection

splayed or togetherness, reactive these moments’ momentum

amid this sequence of song
similar to the animals’ oblong connectivity
of touch

tonal movement of arms
not knowing or also knowing
embrace is the full-wealth emblem
of turning into

the self in its fundamental purity, pulsating
causal pausing crescent appositions
as atop the calendar of days’ reaching toward themselves

                        and knowledge or knowledge!                       affirmation constant need of 
the otherness of tongue                         theirs or apparent from direction
discomfort the echo’s fading edge cannot sharpen

                                    against an angled wind and its weaving
pastime of portending


—can/should/did we study the nuances of gradating prisms

the molecules of musical camaraderie


crows of a nighttime cawing conversation
a spectral speech into the silence of their esoteric notions

gauge or wing the curling sounds
erupt or condemn the figurative slowing flow of a moment’s

elasticized confirmation similar confining joy to the palm of a hand’s
untouched priority
wave the weaving of a touching question                  long beyond the answerable syllables of
singular meaning

                                                yes in the no of
finding freedom                                                                      the supposed serrations planning
the heal ahead of any furthering of fear or basic

running from the stone a silence softens


                        turning to the silence in its cave of cultural warmth
far from the fiction outside contains and forms into callused truths of the unchallenged



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