Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sheila E. Murphy

Irrespective, the News

Is good, blood
vessels gone rogue.
The spike altered
the look of the liver spot.

Now amounts to
living with the possibility
of threat
Not trackable.

How about your life's
norms? Tell me how
the family keeps
its sure routine.

Wasn't it a fairy tale,
when we were
forced to think
that his relationship

with her would last?
He got great kids
out of it: both
residential and

therapeutic little miracles.
The hurt and
humiliation, still
a small price to pay.


Retiring But Not Shy

Has anybody seen my voice
-- Overheard in a dream

Obedience nestles against
straight-backed chairs and looks
directly into the eye light
of source code.

As many mea culpas as can be
inferred break into cadenzas
styled to fit the personality
of the specific dom.

Miniature suds once
blended yield
a thin soup of spine-free

Quirks derange the formula,
if known. Outreach (singular)
is traced. Whosoever may be served
by ritual is so served.

The deserving cavalcade
of subservient eyes is drawn
free-handlebars. The only relishing
proceeds in the direction of deflection.


She tells her senior
senator the specifics,
relieved of context, only
to prepare to watch
the foundation be
unearthed, much
to her feigned shock.

If ever responsibility
were to fall into her lap,
her reflex would show
proficiency in the lateral pass
and ready critique
of someone doing something.

No viable authority remains
after interaction with her
monacled disdain.
The faculty of hearing, long
eroded, finally elapses
into a dim, monotonous relief.

She has mastered the innocent
positioning of her sole question
cleansed of evident rage.
To have known her
is not to have known her
love, nor to have loved.

Her narrow dwelling forces
contact between
tiny and tall, breaks
privacy into splinters
weavable toward nothing
whole. She keeps
watch. She make contagious
grief the center of it all.


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