Tuesday, April 30, 2013

James Finnegan

In the Wine Cellar
He told me he bought the house for its wine cellar,
but after dinner when we descended the stairs
I noticed cubbyholes filled with rolled-up maps
and charts, M-16s and Kalashnikovs, RPGs
and blocks of C4. He said, The walls down here
are 5-feet thick, reinforced concrete, with shaped
ceramic brick to fool ground penetrating radar.
There are over ten airshafts up to the surface,
and there’s one escape passage that runs 1500 yards
SSW and comes out on a creekbed near the highway
overpass where an SUV will be waiting.
 I said, You’re scaring me, man.
He said, A jealous darkness surrounds us.
Well then, I said, if world is ending, how about
we share a nice claret outside under the stars?


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