Friday, May 31, 2013

Pansy Maurer-Alvarez

Burnt-orange Sarabande 
the desert daytime stingingly scoops up everything into its center
indifferent fluorescent lady of eyes and paws
every part of her body spills offspring
her platitudes lie in rusted rings around
it is      because I think it is this way
your moon      yours
that was always improbable
along the arc of the night’s tight arm
it broadens me flat against this baffling climate
sometimes at night I sense illuminated white marble
this is belated                 the ownership of a debt
O sorrowful Spain      
through streets to rooms, the players undress their “Nights in the gardens of ... ”
night lights on tree tops reach towards the stellar women whose fault it is to chase
they leap past and brush the husband
they capture and penetrate the sweet hot lull of my paradox
somewhere a thrashing rainfall becomes a superb blue
but your moon is gaining      on my night


Painted Crown 
Lady Silver, shine
but contain no more rings than days or tears to harm a disappointed reason 
The approximate sticky overplay can defer a daughter
from sounding deeply absorbed      A stranger may arrive
and escalating chances clearly pronounce a beauteous nerve
Flames of irony are a fleeting ply
they recede in the antechamber of the amassed circumstances of debt
This perception is humble and stained
but veiled in brassy cult shadows;
it is a lament that can bend its ruby red permission to a cruel unalterable kiss 
When the mottled world bites the neck of the graceful maiden
(such loving invincible mistakes, anything like waxy flesh)
the message of sexuality goes completely mad with virility
Sweet mating calls quiver perfectly in the bright blue room
The singing is interrupted      Erroneous and enormous immunity
bedecks the scenario with its blazing bolt 
The tongue stages itself in the blurred woods but is strengthened
by a blurting focus:  tomorrow someone
else will tempestuously stitch another epaulette


Adam Fieled

Peanut Butter and Rabies

The aged woman with glasses, doing charity
work, wants some charity herself. The nights
at this place have been long— the kids get
disgruntled, people aren’t bringing in as much
food as they used to. If it’s another peanut
butter and jelly night, she has to bear the brunt.
All the kids see is a half-empty plate. Her
husband won’t come anymore— the atmosphere
is too strained. The kids, she thinks in spite of
herself, are like a bunch of dogs with rabies.
And, as she can’t tell, they think the same of her.


Laura Young

Around and Through

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Francesco Levato

if caloric, a modification of light

The names of such things as affect us, which please, and displease,
the common discourses of inconstant signification,
its species and respective capacities; of the structure required; 
of the number and nature of constituent parts;
this crevice a small room, whitewashed and clean 
but scarce that principle of morality to be named,
of virtue to be thought on, not somewhere or other
slighted and condemned, between general fashion
and rules of living quite opposite to others.

[ from kaustos ‘burnt’ (from kaiein ‘to burn’) ] 1.0b6


the gravity of the water

At first I had neglected them, 
but now that I was able to decipher the characters,
death, wounds, imprisonment,
the promise of not resisting force,
the action as one continuous whole, 
can it be imagined, that they perceive the impressions 
from things without, and be at the same time ignorant 
of those which nature stamped within?

[ from kaustos ‘burnt’ (from kaiein ‘to burn’) ] 1.0b7


sulphuric ether, small narrow glass

Let us follow the natural order and begin with primary facts. 
The other is compounded; as when from the sight of a man at one time, 
and of a horse at another, we conceive in our mind a centaure,
qualify metaphor by adding on to it that which it supplants.
But the use of words in registering our thoughts
is in nothing so evident than reward and punishment; 
in enjoyment embittered by memory of the future, 
anticipation of the past.

[ from kaustos ‘burnt’ (from kaiein ‘to burn’) ] 1.0b9


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Allen Bramhall

Little is Known of Mongolia

A piano remained when everybody died. The piano was named Karl as a spoof on frequency. Its tone provoked a resonance, and everyone talked with verbs, nouns and the like. The nation's imagination threw a bolt of what is your favourite flavour into the air of chance. We decided we were coloured transistors from the planet Diagram. North is a point to discuss, as is South. The piano we remember was a spot in a sentence. The sentence meant to provide an action, and colour it with adjectives. No one expected the piano to remain aloof: It was friday, the living was fine. While the program constitutes a nation, we stop mid sentence. There could be a change, like spirit in a desk.

We're told so many things. The spectacle requires a mask.


Francesco Aprile


Rudolfo Carrillo

Fourteen Memetic Signals Used to Provoke Uncertainty in the Reader

American flags made from hidden Yankee tendencies.
Shaved pudenda isolated through the use of Photoshop.
A new television set that is colored to resemble night.
Innumerable displays suggesting coition or its possibility.
Dactyls on display at the petroleum depot.
Clinical observations made prior to the execution of bodily functions.
Self-referential asides that invite mockery.

Imagining oneself as a monkey living in an Antarctic laboratory.
Accumulating chemicals as means of displaying wealth and patience.
Having fun with the ruined atmosphere.
Rendering hands as twigs and branches.
Changing the settings to thwart capitalist interlopers.
Sensing the closeness of dissolution like a snail senses paint.

The statutory procedure that terminates at a local trailer park.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Volodymyr Bilyk


Bob BrueckL

 Stout Snout

Toothy, swishy:  un-un moniker the stupid gamut, 
the cloned ultrasuede, the rhomboid-stolid Wake-Robin 
(trillium erectum) -- recurved, hypostatic, prickled, 

 Tin ingots, O butt cloner, peristalsis slashy --
 un-name my meme:  my meme is me, O dander:
 What dew I knew!

Creamy, liver-shaped monstrosities, serrated, protruding,
slishy-sloshy, gloopy-gloppy purple maroon abutting
the back of the indigo moon

Dusky, unabetted, stripped scrape, deface
the jarring pompadour, O my
cauliflower ear

Aubergine midnight on the periphery:  scrap
the immaculate, ultramarine, mauve-striped violets,
the delirious faces of the canary-yellow pansies
softly swaying in the sapphire shadows
straddling the ovoid awl -- No!


James Bell

dream story - the zen factor
wood like windchimes  with sound this time
could have been the clacking of the shutters in the wind
as you slept - though the result was good -
how the brain at rest designed a different visual effect
to break the monotony 
of course you see that zenlike picture everyday
always supposing you can see zen
like you do this structure in bamboo
a pergola in minature - hangs in the air
ten past three you go to piss
and this comes after you return to sleep
wonder as you do if wood can speak -
of course this happens in dreams
when you are allowed to explore other dimensions
when the limits have been removed
maybe this is how it's done
in order to face permutations outside this reality -
the wood was green so sounded softer
deeper than long dry wood or metal
want to know what they would say


Friday, May 3, 2013

Peter Ganick

1] immode tiler elite misc phone salutation ebbulient vermicello anisette volition liaison allegro finial nsai blockade mouthpiece remoulade inner systematic tinderbox flood datum kneel opaque immer lasting piston veldt iota mollusk viens omnibus compadre autour sniffle twirl astonishing redux caliper improbable oceanside walleye cannibal urreal improbable understood engulf reaching affinity soap curry naivete lasting episode itemize flautist vina opprobium calgrapheme durst heinous desktop luck snow champion surrey confide answer palee dystopic moebius felicitous embassy northerly ante refuel cinnabar neither widenings ornamental ceiling spelt amity connote acidfree zap neither palette nerve aileron caveat midrange obelisk mutate ramshackle direct snarl noggin scrutinize apnea surfaces dot effigy alto hampering strata moronic cove heroiade tight motto introducer persist mammoth emprunte assist mooring echelon aspirate comparable scuttle invent aside neither waterspout mirror ancillary vote enviably narrative derelictive promulgate fade sturdy nascent double trot silk reminder preoccupy phantasm reification intention seer aside system listen north avowal promissory zones dendrite ampoule graviton select assist eras repeats ensure omniscient prana cursory acumen vilanelle numinous delicacy tureen further traffic furthermore ascertain breath photographemic lucidity epochal islander scruffy nosegay patterning stipend assist improbably oceanic voluble accursed noon genome reap silken nevertheless confer tilde motto schematic literacy tenuto brunt focus absolutist elan coffee ganache repeat.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

John M. Bennett


itch the ash the ass lep
rosario torn my enteusage
claim my underouch sev
ered logluggage es mi
plan tostado mis paines
with the hairy teeth  .sn
ore yr ddribbling .wh ey
the bloodies running down
yr arm the “wheeling sp
spoon” uhn unh ,nuh
infogcussed ,claimed ssau
ssage ffingered in my ppp
ocket where you  )gnaw
the effort(  of my ss
agging toward the bbu
rning chchair

...te comiste la gorra.
- Cantinflas


Volodymyr Bilyk


Volodymyr Bilyk


Lawrence Upton

Life still

cereal bowl, but no cereal in it;
stone slightly larger than a broad fist;
cheap vase with pink and yellowish flowers in it;
pepper grinder;
drinking glass containing cutlery, blades and tines pointing up;
a traffic queue of teapots along a window sill spanning an entire conservatory;
rain streams scattered across window panes;
trees, wind-bent, their juddering shadows in hearing, here, inhering