Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ric Carfagna

from          Symphony No. 9
          (nocturnes & thresholds)


And to understand this vastness
this ghosted cosmic sentience
scattered among the wounded
autumn debris
when the sky is
a throbbing abscess
leaking a caustic life-force
which stains the pavement black
and leaves the landscape
a sallow portrait
of hollow faceless masses
       and it is here you enter
       the blank page
       unaware of the other
       in the mirror
       or in the eye observing
       movement of hollowed bodies
       on hypothetical ancient continents
       buried beneath the ocean’s depth
       and the blood
       flowing to brittle limbs
       and formless life
       from a prescient
       elemental self
“now the chthonic
   sirens in the wood
   as in a dream”
and the shifting epicenter
of the brooding apocalyptic seethe
and the gray strands of dissolving cirrus
falling through a crepuscular sky


This moment dies
without a spirit
or a face
from the identity
the mirror reflects
an insignificant detail
the arcing curves
in the crow’s wing
or a veil covering
the firmament at dawn
“and yes it is useless”
to try
to interpret
the consciousness
resident in the hydrogen atom
or the thought process
of the gnat
to a quantifiable abstraction
as if it can be
an empirical measure
intimately understood
hidden behind
the wave length
of interior light
and one
in a world
of deities
and angels
imitation of breath
and passages
across a transparent threshold
where stones
are wordless sentinels
keeping watch
as a night falls
from an ocean of eyelids
and a sentience departs
the autumn leaf
dying on the forest floor


Not again
to dream of the sea
as a desert
viewed through a doorway
or the stilled-wind blade of grass
as echoing
the inertia
of an existential annihilation
“it is more”
a diverse phenomena
a splintering shaft of light
the stain glass pane
the synergistic commingling
of sub-atomic elemental symmetries
“it is more”
a possession of
a deeper evolution
intrinsically embraced
a substratal threshold
oblique in its
dimensional perspective
“it is”
a glass tear
of empathic lamentation
or a sparrow
on a limb
within the eye’s
averted gaze
“it is”
a summational zero
looming in the trough
of primordial sentience
a bleak glimmer
of dying night
saturating the burning tundra’s
frozen plain
and it is”
a passion torn
from fleshless waste
and apocalyptic negation


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Matt Margo


shawty wat u sippin oon
—the aftermath of the first pill, the potential paradox, the parallax

shawty wat u sippin oon
—the past in all of its haunting & remorseless qualities

shawty wat u sippin oon
—the future: so vast, so vague, so indifferent

shawty wat u sippin oon
—empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate)

shawty wat u sippin oon
—an enclave of yellowbluish bluegrassish wildflowers rising from the greenest mountainside

shawty wat u sippin oon
—a flock of brave birds bathing in the shadow of the noontime sun

shawty wat u sippin oon
—a necessity or a mirage; a crack across the camera lens

shawty wat u sippin oon
—po*et*ry* & nothing less


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

John M. Bennett


Ray Greenblatt

The Pillars of Hercules

Gibraltar stands sentinel.
It raises veined skull,
raises its head of
lice-ridden monkeys
tossing stones or coconuts,
its shadow turns
summer water chill;
through storm surge grayness,
through moon-specked night
it looms far huger
than any mythic monster,
it measures eternity.
Gibraltar stand sentinel.


Monday, July 22, 2013

John M. Bennett


loma puerca ,merca s
endas clisés ,porquerías
y la plancha de mi
texto chamuscado ,m
esa de ccomiddass cco
ttiddianass y tu gritosorbo
.sword said sweating
mud and arch support
)wander up the squealing
slope a ,thunk twister
ump pmu mp mp nor(
plenty colindero con el
fin siestino

...sin ningín sustantivo
- Rafael Lamata Cotanda

Vernon Frazer

An Eye in the Future

catamaran referral detergent
encomium bandage snatched
and vertical symptoms parlayed
verbal deterrents to emblems
that played against the midriff
divulging ratchets thatched
over hovel combs where bees
wane under lost honey profits
costing coaxial cradle dusters
symphonic density from losses
replayed in taverna deluxe
information beds cluster the post
whose purple voices whisper
mist in crescent tangent butter
contradicting fence engrams
hoisting ladles for caste masters
padding shadows past acquaintance
less reposed than the vortical
utterance whirling moribund
passion filters away dust moats
from castled grounds a sanctum
less renowned for savory pillage
clustered under fencing placards
awarding the continental drift
to scions of recipient massacres
holding forth on bloodline matters
while tattered hooves overheat
insurgent coals shed drumbeats
the nutrition accomplices welter
nuance threader’s amulets blank
interning its reiterations elsewhere
on fabric mounts or cashmere
paint wagons bending the round
upholding retinal stanchion patterns
to safeguard the sarcastic distress
muttered under their folded editions
plaster the vagueness of surface
depth a repartee from debt circles
entranced by bluster cling serpents
giving their slithering rhetoric circle
a withered chant for a surcharge
on implant memorabilia blinders
terminal rudders mandated facade
entreaties fashioned while pageant
ventricles heated laconic rhythms
glinted the lavender amplitude bold
as tsunami metrical flashes intent
on bearing subtitles to nutriments
where follies share chronic wear
with the grace of a burly injunction
stapling renaissance panaceas
against wicker warrior packets
subsumed under specific dread
encountered tassel vacuums
costly as any pendulum swing
asking balance to surrender
philosophers bedding in leaflets
ramped against insufferable cast
members seeking junket relief
under spiral coatings indentured
to philatelical seekers in pursuit
of the valuable rubber stamp
cattled along a cyclone riverbed
twisting wind slowly in the dark
its largesse hangs a dithering rant
under the thongs of western sun
no jolly aptitude for belonging
to saddle-thrust lapel implants
instilling greater beauty hatchers
where the norm clings redundant
vantage points through the net
receding shorelines dim facades
on banks deposed from credit
shifting its deadened avengers
to pontification clamps intoning
subterfuge glossary carnage
diameters strictly opposing all
cartilage transfers yet undone
for mailing to coastal habits
on return to edge the river
basking like a credit vendor
doing the savage remake
empty vacillations charge
the rotor bush assembled
bantam-free or noose cling
matters the past transformed
when deplaning in shamrock
or pharmacy ventricles burning
tantrum adders to the last coil
regarding hatter tics or madras
aching crow-flies bend aside
the waters running still depth
as a shallow family holiday
wherever beaches will shark
the parking attendants grin
tidal omnibus compendium lint
washed a shore to gray its beige
headlong destinies in holding
tanked from the night’s tattoo
sprees forward spread-eagled
floor rising up to face his angle
caverns opaque with meaning
jump a saddle grabber’s ride
down lucite trails to the nexus
between volcanic heat and rock
formation fireworks the sky
no past intrusions allowed
repeat badges at sentinel
watches across the pattern
shuffled mixes at first stir
a wink and then a fashion
whirl across the bandages
designed to stem the breed
of lateral phantoms raising
their dead embryo legends
no dread left an unscripted
gaze across a glued horizon