Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gene Tanta

This Evening, the Sky in my Mind is not Like the Sky Outside

Reading the following text requires more than just rote memory work,
Professor Bloom. Reading allows for the possibility of misremembering.
I respect your clarity Professor Bloom even though I know very well
you will never read this text since I am part of the
too-numerous-to-remember multiplicity. A skeptic, Professor Bloom,
seeks pleasure. While a cynic, seeks revenge. A skeptic seeks pleasure
through the use of properties like his body, land, tools,
consciousness, intent, vodka, limes, tourniquet, razors, stymied
looks, butter-braised onions, regional legumes, neighbors’ fingers,
neighbors’ whole appendages, falling and catching oneself with one’s
feet every evening like Thoreau, the o of the mouth in wonder, the o
of the mouth in woe, pharmaceuticals, and so on and so forth. A cynic
seeks to confirm his positive knowledge about the essence of others.
The muse too can be a racist, Professor Bloom.



vacuum vagabond
vague valence
valet vamoose
vampire vanilla ice cream
vanishing point variation
varsity letter vascular bundle

vast Vatican
vaulting horse veal scaloppini
veer vegetable patch
velvet sumac vengeance
venom vernacular
verse line vertebra

very vice squad
victim out of view
vigil light vine
vinyl violinist
viper virgin
vis-à-vis visible speech

vision visor
vocabulary vodka
voice over void
volcano volley
voluptuous vomit
vying vulture


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