Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vernon Frazer

Silenced Sunset
artichoke teasers
grown polyphonic and overblown 
forefront the sundown 
where caviar settlements 
replay their waffle plummets 
to vegetable legends
bringing summer pitfalls
to appease the summer leakage
whose desert springs 
accrued sands
of shattered hourglass time 
to run-down vectors
at angles blackened
when pantomime surges emerge
mimetically sealed


Other Level Meaning
the sambar intonation kennel
rehearsed its applicable venom
slicing through a funnel nation
applicable seizure fellowship
a miracle barrage entitled suit
lapidary oscillations bring the ballad
no panetella corpuscle retractor
clings to the vernal substrate’s
hidden locomotion pattern back-
stationed phenomenon priceless
gorge crag in collaging the mode
for a plentiful exegesis hangar
nursing the nominal factotum ring
past clinging effigies to martyr fat
arterial pangs bar renowned verb
tissue claiming a deforested intent
fennel roots the amber petulance
in black impatience cargoes flourish
contraband mythology commotion
pinned to window flak or lantern gob
each muscle relaxer a rebound obligato
fortune similes on those like
as not in use or doubled status
no comparisons made beyond
the literal transfiguration plant
enhancing its renewed largesse
with bartering that equals song
the silence clings imposing bargain


Fudging the Bottom Line
binding straw
reared sentence bite
in color
fourth paleness frightened
air disappeared 
until morning announced 
the time ago 
perturbed the public cyclone
fanlight complete
hill pigments exceeded
fall persistence
the margins clasping form


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