Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

from invisible city

         of the containment pond    on equal footing

  laws natural  make life possible    for a while    neurotoxin

symbol valve     toxic body border      to get drunk and vulgar

i am eternally    firm amounts to or else      connection between

realigning and regulating interests     in natural resources

   if the flowering fields     stopped to eat us     regardless of therapeutic value

consciousness and the world is fake      used by forests

to initiate treatment         my mistress in town

         weaponize or accessorize
         trapped in a language of only commands
            i found semen in my vaginal cavity

god putting the idea in mind    knitting on jupiter and
consciousness imposing and       recusing heroic machines in     

blanket of stars           on you tube

to hide the ugly              object or subject

            grave marked unknown
            dirty window of language
            other of an other
            background of trees
            solitary is      

surrounded by cheap drugs      streets are now paved

black and green       away from

         selected for effects   which replicate copies
         of mere ornament   prevent infection of information
         tent in a forest

  people on shore        no longer visible     are visited

      lone wandering    looking faintly human

         lace of leaves      eyes moving quickly   across the sky

         of animals     what faces the house      can't be seen

      dark energy pushing space apart     universe in reverse

              consumer lives of creatures

         next door world    in which    rising vowels in

         the extent of which      shrieking world as

glancing at  bones    which have disappeared      

         green and black hole     could be killed

   looking at a fig tree      doesn't fit into your mouth

    cherry blossoms     cover up my face      i stumble into the next

a half wit    silence of a tree         beyond a stone fence

oh i musn't        loudness of machines     eye of a boat

   tyranny of nature      to wrap myself

         operations in a given phase       applying all at once


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