Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lars Palm

by a fragment of nothing

by jumping into or out of the fire

by the manor of a lady

by microclimate

by occupying the wind

by beauty once more redefined

by being thousands gathered

by setting fire to your boss

by walking faster than the rain

by being an exception to a whole lot of rules

by the manners of a tiger

by snail sliding slowly sideways


rain not as wall but
as large dripping faucet

what is a good roof?

& that large phallic thing
posing as a water tower

is this a good cup of coffe?

he goes out into the rain
with cigarette & cell phone


drops dead
heads off at an
other bed
side table
depicting the
of wealth in a
handful of


i am cognitive
chaos. asking why
you should give a
goat to a complete
stranger. danger lost
among raindrops. &
evaporated in the sun
seconds later. yet
order seems re
stored. not a thought
whether that's
good. or not an
other red light


who's that nut?

who's doing that reel?

who's growing out after growing up?

who's that girl not played by madonna?

who's that sitting on barcelona?

who's going after the powers that be?

who's just after being the powers that be?

who's just after?

who's that posing as me?


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