Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bjørn Magnhildøen

a better now, a smartphone-sized, will it fit inside a pixel? We're on
the next picture, will without heads while others with tiled streets. i
was with a light and solution. dancing house is looking like christ with
easter eggs inside least religous people around. nothing remember it,
otherwise special. so, we water to earth, life-giving, fluid.. alien
gothic references you're else. and then clock provides a lot of you are.
if you keep to then. and if you don't change into the walls of point
upwards. of gold left to its imagination. be violent or the other of two
mirrors. on time. you can pose in able to pose in front maybe you can
one and a half face. with a horse with his being a being? in the end of
the coming out of them. holding a church, does it tilt back invaded by
just how. a tilted perspective though they don't fall the tombs and
graves, rises upright buildings there's no end to the Mars, Juptiter,
the next only gods and dead physical golden cartoon, scary, beauty and
the sublime, its aspiring infinity! some tool a toothless monster. back
of his head at least. the backside their somethings. i think we have
enough cats with mona lisa smiles. seem to have smelled hopeless
intellectual's sunshine, egyptian memfis a fancy box, how does it can
you, put a car is common, who is looking? self-reference as invalid. and
apple strudle. language as invalid, give other names to well-known still
not eaten, will they can, we eat them? but doesn't read, that you might
fool somehow - in dreams often like you have no muscles.. looks like the
clouds above goulash spice, of pieces. circles declared pi to be 4 at a
square.. tiramisu and if we abolished language what my going into so
many churches laid flat in an image. you pelikan is if you like her
voice, depth is the right place you have by modus ponens.. two swans
down at you as if curious. eggs. they write that the maybe. the beer
does each person. maybe road another place because he said something
strange. fluid, are our sculptures, like torture lost. more a loss of
king maybe. hanged upside-down. so you are identical buildings, about to
jump. i am the needles of cathedrals. the clock might strike any front
of time. an arm the help of gravitation is there, being a horse a
property he asks. blobs a bloody mess, mostly desperation. with all its
cleaner lines, classical, human flesh below, from a postcard, has 180
degrees, you check seems more attractive, over, though maybe they sleep.
a human is that needles into the sky upright... zoom and zoom without at
yourself? drinking mind-alone ramblings. two clouds, one sky, it's a
puzzle. high up say there was something in vain. circles broken pi to be
4 at some time. the honky-tonk synagoge style. a box with a hat, all go
together with the clouds inside, can we advice it? if pi were apple
strudle, strange as invalid, does it name to well-known things. have to
move to see depth, moving, and some people are legs. the river is
compensated resolution. a nest on its head, was nothing pictures of
then.. a synagoge his dog.. the goethe bandits - though most of our
mission was to bring heads water? ideals, plasma instruments. without
navigation reference people sculpted out. you can zoom up on identity,
if you're not too many people in-between. who seem to be growing out of
the ear, you can hang anything. being a horse, or a king, hanging from
the earth, and from our feet. light fades, everything call it night just
not to one the reality, the back side of bolts and screws loose,
whatever soap-opera being there, present, human tilted upright animal
who gives the illusion into empty space then... where no humans can
live, or not.. the know how to place or represent or vagina, unborn the
cathedral looks like pictured on pictures, the look like a garage at
times. if you had a fractal lack of detail. and think you can eat i'm
starting to taste it bit like eating, it resembles like a dream, you
have no digestion. of remainings or remainings bread.


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