Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jasper Brinton

slipway ( 6 selected blocks )

there’s a friend
among the rock-rose
that is horizon-less
wild with campion
without address
a structure that stars
an empty stone-path
warns of pandemic
a pinked bloom day
a seasoned terrace
pigmented alarmed
the power of sea odor
perfumed in places
seeing he is sun
and deeply wrought

here I take pattern
a fine wrapped ibis
weave sand grains
claw and nail-pull
a given wall with lime
the antiquated spell
loosens the gut
the knife still spreading
vast night bedstraw
where slavery survives
the dung-house door
why my song a wish
bullock in tow
happy for cheetah
receive my organs

describe an end
or death register
show the easy lope
where a jackal leaps
bone flint star trace
the passing down
not of life or cell
stone or tessera
whereas the pretender
with camouflage
chases a thousand
bleeds that jitter
— a jerboa crouched
abiding nightly
kill presence

only that a certain
permanence links
mood to illusion
troth on the trunk
as then carved
blazed from heights
meaning time arrives
shapes the olive
untutored by letter
the course a slogan
why storks in sight
those we signal
drift the waste
unaware the nemesis
was sworn a trust

desert surface
song parenthesis
what riddle on earth
one we un-oath
un-corner as vista
cloud for climax
o whirlwind timber
humanly wringing
grain thru thought
each word a stripped
strategic command
sent against tissue
will you deafen or
hear the lip finger
unable to follow

this that shivers
under one’s eye
drifts on effort
forlorn as the ant
opines the wadi
skilled on a run
tho it’s day one
Sahara wind
who’s faultless
morning glory
fetish intends
the taintless self
a bright garden
vast or frail—
break the strain

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