Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vernon Frazer

Small Empire Falling

the brick implosion
personified enclosure in casting
lasts a fall duration

seasonal outbursts 
an endless cycle for the rotunda 
left unfulfilled

autumnal nuance notwithstanding effrontery

monastic brewery grapes
stamp a future between cells
each appendage owning dice
repels immersion boulders

lapel borders need the craven innuendo

slow returns evoke
rupture fluid's dynasty chimera

the dance unveiled to prevail
in the face of its own erasure 
demands reclusive lumina 

for a semblable growing in formation


Desire after the Blossoming

marigold turbulence
breeds a tumescent aftertaste 

delight spreads its red cloth

checkered white jumps black
in shades of hooded padding
where agitated umber shreds

a darkened yearning churns 
for buttermilk's checkered memoirs

its flowered underlight burns plaid


Building On

a legend of sepulchral finesse
fought standards bearded and borne
to ease their plated utterance

long before
cultural replication frontons failed

the bestial pillar pressed granite
baring thoughtful passage caring 
where finite stress filters berated

pelota bagels
missing grated forfeit declarations

under grounded noumena where
beverage filter reduction templates
bartered sun-drenched categories

the best agenda follows least


Closing Company

a sweltering vibrato pit
sweats its melting night watch muzzle 

hidden runners hone their slow aplomb
where forest matches left surrendered

under bitten skies 
the music chances a dead vibrato


well-played massages treat the secret


fandango movie passengers
throttle their landmark defection

to suppose a cataleptic dinner suite 
remaindered the better suited close

air distances desire
when lightly nuzzled rendered musing


a misplayed passage deletes secretion


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