Monday, September 3, 2012

Steve Tills

Wall, Floor, Ceiling, Window, Air, Lights, Doors, Doorknobs, Cubicles, Desks, Chairs, Heat, Drafts, Temperature, Humidity, Sounds, Ventilation Hums, Surfaces, Edges, Contours, Colors, Textures, Shadows, Light, Mites, Carpet, Drywall, Paint, Tiles, Molding, Trim, Concrete Blocks,
All but the mag rack with its every other fifth or sixth slots peeling over oh so hirsute and unmilitary.  Where there’s a weave, there’s a way with women, a woman, her many fabrics, with men, man, a many man, a man for all seasonal sales and the post-nasal drips in Engineering. You cannot decide between General or Genial, Herpes, that is, leads to cliché, which further leads to name-dropping, then a thousand or two reviews of the litrachur of patents and slogans and bears.  Framed be the salty certifications, and they may tarry to validate but they may never promote.  Feel the I move, over your earth, under your fetid pronominal indiscretions.  Just to say the Eye of sleep just saw enormous hairy right forearm and hand reaching down from December and into the sea adjacent to understated steep cliffs along restless coast as if that said it all or even at all. If anything, invisible, so must take it on Faith, full of oxygen among others.  Five being its girth and seven its depth, do the Humpty-Dumpty jests to fit in, like a crowd or, say, host of daft appeals.  Deft Deference, a name to be lickened wid, th.  Gray inflation, the liberal art, the sprinkle of science here, money-luv there, one little piggie went to the top of her/his department, oink oink oink.  Rocks in her head, mebbee, but meticulously and divinely organized, and requiring mortar none, wherefore the complainers foregrounded the glue and compromised its function.  Plunk, down go the eyelids again, and pluck, up comes another glimpse of birds, this time it wears roseate fringed ivory wing the texture of crepe, the shape of rolled out sliver thin lamp shade, it’s a chicken or it’s a seafaring flyer, can Fly, CAN fly, one hopes it can, why.


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