Friday, March 16, 2012

Steve Dalachinsky

train to solotun  - (train from Bern, Switz. to Solotun, Switz. --8/21/90)

sub urban   commuter
rush  hour          in german
& it's hot
                        the seats are so small    my fingers hurt
watch out
watch yourself in the window
until the trees become your mirror

    old friends always think that only they
                 know what is best

   watch the people & the fields & the factories
                old cows think that only they know
                                  what is best

simple dialogue    simple frustrations
can be as painful as morning
                     when you are a tree   you know nothing
                                 there is only the earth where you are

the man is always building for himself
his species
                      the landscape keeps changing
    the man keeps changing the landscape -
                                                uprooting trees

man & cow are old friends
man & cow always think that only they
know what is best

               man is man's best friend
     is a row of cars at a railroad crossing…  waiting
        the gate is red & white
                  just enjoy waiting      whispers the garden

                     i stare into the mirror
it is other people's eyes  other people's faces          & mouths
it is hot in here  on this train to suburbia
                         at rush hour in german
& the chickens & vegetables  all know what is best
the trees become my reflection
                                                             the horse is  led away.


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