Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bob Marcacci

dust covers everything
     gives everything
          faded New Holland
        dust rises
            recolors jackhammers
        an already sandy landscape

           a city built of rock
             nothing but dust
            for its inhabitants
               for some


it is so new
   that everything
 grows with the same uniformity
    trees at the same height
each bush as bushy as the next


morning warmth
   turns to humid
  bus with sun and yellow flowers open

        green leaves
      greener and new after rain

         the devout women made more devout
          with prayer beads
            to accent the abaya
              one rides the bus with us

      through the desert
    paved now with asphalt
        side of the road littered
           with broken signs
              of deep excavation


     all dust-infused
       all nautical nonesuch
           of the nascent atmosphere
          all a-cloud
             shrouded in particularities
                               cranes on the horizon
                 a bright smudge above
                   where the sun was


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