Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bob BrueckL

Spy Wednesday

Anestheticizing besieged sullage
in the caboose of distracted purple violets
and punkish-pink phlox vervils,
the ossein choad of rajpoot chuj
obliterates the stinkier self-wiches
succumbing to conflated assots
pant-hooting about twatty moon-carrot nuggets
plashooting in the spammap's tosspot squash.

Yuh, adobo -- swot up
on septically exacerbating treacheries
outflanking the smarmier blather
slurping hemorrhaging putrefactions
in the paquebot:

ebullient winkles
cuittle crumbling bottlenecks
schlaveraging schlort schlong shances
foraging in the nonallelic pattypan of trilliums
scissoring periscii hookups with dwimmer- 
blaizing armatures
breechclouting banal congruencies
exerting cathartic undulations
of gimmicky aji.

Disheveled on a cusp, pernicious, stunted:  slouching grubeffractors
emphatically glub about the upspline murrhine smegma
on Spy Wednesday.  Woof-woof!

O nasty bits blimpooning the crass meshes that unbowel
the modulated gradations in the kludgy slits
scraping up against the traversing nombles.  See yu.


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