Tuesday, June 3, 2014

William Allegrezza

the dance

the water buffalo cried
as we fought, and though i
saw, i did not
let go as i should, as
we should.  the water
buffalo cried as we fought hard.
the tears were a
river through reeds, but i did
not let go, as
i should, as we all should.


we owe ourselves the act

i was told
is relief
so i carried handles
on a cart in the city
and all around people
were smiling and
the rain held off

events passed without
our notice
while on edges
they were waiting for help
with windows cracked
and lights left on.


Not Clairvoyant

you have fettered my hands,
and now i search the closet of hoaxes
for a way out.
i'm not clairvoyant, but i am
And though you
whisper over my shoulder about
the coming storms--the
smell of wind and rain, the darkened
sky, you are
afraid yet do not let me out

to help.


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