Friday, July 25, 2014

Mark DuCharme

4 poems from Defacement


To make of the city a garden
Anointed with heat & birds’ flutter
In daylit anatomy, ripping out your tongue



To begin again, without knowing
What will or won’t take place
Except in flutters of the marrow
Which we place, transcendently
Evolving from the map
In a language of the sparrows—
Broken effigies
Unique & darkly strung



What, the hidden, violent charm
Within that country of no art
Under birds’ laughing
Birds only laugh when you grope
Under wings’ thrashing
Within laughter’s violent charm



                 "An opportunist! Should get married!
                  Should do big oil paintings! Get serious!"
                         —Ted Berrigan

             These days
The real opportunists

                                              Screw the paintings
                                     & Just do big oil


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