Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mark Young

A line from Allen Tate

The colder months are a 
chart, a psychological 
blueprint for the basics 
of both pop & traditional 

Chinese medicine. Intro-
duce a few new elements—
the sampling & mixing of
diverse downtown apart-

ments; germination ecology 
of the clonal grassland; issues 
with city government—& 
any incoherence can now be 

better understood in terms of
creative interaction between 
objects or the careful feeding 
of cats to keep them healthy.

Utamaro in the Everglades

After the storm
he / gathered
driftwood &

seaweed, sat
back, replayed
their patterns

on the green-
screen of his
mind. Three

geisha took 
turns to bring
him tea, each
geta clack a

caesura that 

broke his

thoughts be-
fore each
break. Else-

gathered to 
test the re-
shaped edges 
of the river.


How do you go about creating a language?

Do you start with the I, make it egocentric? Or do you create conjuncted verbs, so that the person is secondary, the action paramount? Do you generate a list of what's about you, name them, add the sensual verbs & create additional adjectives? Do you apply some sort of Grimm's Law, d to th, that sort of thing, so the language is an extension of what currently exists?

Is there a purpose, a reason, for a new language? It also presupposes someone to speak it with or write in it to. Someone who wants to share it with you. You is now I though they are the / same person. Which brings in they, though it's really we, though it's really me broken in two. The interior. The exterior. In that case, what's the word for the entire?

Do I/you/they/we plus plurals where applicable need to be able to define concepts before beginning? Or should the conceptual be shaped by the shape of the language? Should (pronoun) — will (pronouns) exist in a new language? Will (pronoun(s)) shape the language or should the language shape itself? Will itself exist by itself?

She spoke in a way no-one had ever spoken before. Everybody listened. No-one heard.


is a 


is not a 



the basis of all later versions

Mendicant friars say all the
repositories are up to date even
though there are some broken 
pages. My brother says the local 
packages are newer than those 
existing in the repositories but
their messages are all in Greek. 

An alternative sperm bank 
for finding sperm donors 
is alive & thriving in down-
town Montreal. My brother 
has taken a page out of the 
“bring traffic to your website” 
handbook, setting the stage 
for clickbait by the posting of
headlines that will catch the eye.

(Voir aussi parentfoster parent
lone parentlone parent family.)

My brother, who has never 
attended a weight-loss clinic,
remains committed to a 
legally incoherent vision of 
invisible banking Trojans.
Please support his work by
making a donation via PayPal.


A line from Jimmy Carter

Contemporary Manhattan is a
beautiful mosaic. But overlay
a database of all ground-
mounted solar projects upon it

& detailed schemata of the re-
mains of exotic animals & the
water systems entombed beneath
emerge. The body begins to use

its stored sugar & any scaffold
that is not standard. There are
arcane rules revived, which is how
they took our planet from us. Now

Karl Marx traces the historical pro-
cesses of modern expropriation in
a new series that is due to premiere
on HBO. I need to call Mother.


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