Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Russ Golata

Protecting the Sky

crying of cinnamon wind
the nights lost in Loveland
sweltering palms of forgetfulness
pulled by tides and moonbeams
whatever we were to each other
became a bouquet of challenges
light breaks the silent shadows
with secret thoughts of symphonies
caressed by endless summer nights
where El Niño's scented breezes linger
on the sheets like a fine perfume
carried on the wings of an owl
the sleeping giants of winter
never touch the shores in their canoes
an iron throne of ice and snow
a faded photo floating off a falls
distant memory camp fires smolder
doused by ladies with crooked smiles
time’s venom will complete the circuit
trusting a May fly to Marching millipedes
like an echo on the other side of the brain


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