Friday, October 26, 2012

Russ Golata

Persistence of Breeze

Living in a world without love
Is to arrive at a place with no sunshine
Where you are a stranger to yourself
Wind, freezing the sweat on your back

The one true wind knows your name
Feel it whispering in your ear
The music of future reassurances
Filling the night air with moon’s caress

When the wind calls you
There are no broken connections
A flash of lightening, dots the skyline
As kites of hope scatter like seagulls

Imagine this world without love
Surely, this is what limbo is like
On a cloud, in a waiting room
Sitting on an empty promise

Autumn breezes divine nirvana
Spraying the world with color...
Feeling it wash over your skin
A stream of fresh melted snow

Awaking the inner most wilderness
Contained in every breath of life
Wrapped in the solace of new ideas
Comfortably soaring into dreams


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