Friday, November 23, 2012

David Harrison Horton

fr. Great Coat

Without signs, the visual

a walk around the complex

mapping landmarks

Lei Kai didn’t use a manual

to teach Lei Feng to use a rifle

he showed him


When you join the Army

you get some socks

later you are taught the art

of darning

thank you Wangcheng County

I will work hard

and love my country


Dust so thick the bridge

disappears, blocking the view

of the destination

3 x 3, in line, in unison

the slow march forward

Lei Feng remembering his debt

to Peng Demao

never once looked back

to the village


Left home

to witness the emptiness

between the branches of every tree

to get blood payment

for blood debt

Mr. Lusk couldn’t remember

how he cut his hand

but knew it had been cut

and that Spring

was a sorry excuse

for a season


To study well

to hope for advancement

the bigger narrative curve


undisguised as agriculture

a teat without milk

a concern that outweighs

the desire

to watch the sun



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