Sunday, November 4, 2012

Michael Fleming

On the Stump

because I want it more because I earned
it because I built it because success
demands lavish tribute because I’ve learned
a thing or two because I won’t confess
because great wealth aside I’m just like you
because I’m humble to a fault because
I’m me because I’m looking for a few
good men because the prevailing tax laws
do not suit me because I look the part
because I say tomato and he says
tomahto because God because I heart
America because I don’t look gay
unlike you know because my wife is prettier
than his wife because frankly my dear
I do give a damn because I’m legit
on a stick because I once drank a beer
because Truth because of the book of more
money because I’m ready for my close-up
Mr. DeMille because God reigneth o’er
because my teeth because the shadow knows
because my hair is perfect because I
like to fire people because I’m for makers
he’s for takers because I can buy
people like you because he’s such a fake
because Free Enterprise because my cup
runneth over because I sold my soul
because now it’s my turn (They wind him up
and the sound comes out of a perfect hole.)


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