Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gloria Avner

Anti “Ocean”

Listen you
sucked bones
you dangle
tangled inner

hold me up end
fold me
stop this
or any other
spilling bones
again dead fish
in worn out shoes
an ache a way

no way to stop
her stall her
ball her
make her turn
(your life)
around say hey
you wait you
why not here
not now why
two score 
more to go

don’t go
no stay
this sea this sky
right here
not the winding
bumpy road past Ararat,
down Khyber pass
by folding bicycle
fear  survived revived
Swat valley snowstorm
rescue  on the way
to India to Himalayan
hermit foothills
flapping tattered flag
whipped prayers
gone flying free
from cliffs edge

before Lama Govinda
welcomes all to tea
talk cookies company
before the fevered german
jumps disappointed from the ferry
splashes Bombay waters
drops his wallet
in alleged rescue pull out
via fishing pole and sees
important papers
turn to new wet bedding
for smart starfish

men in uniforms want him
to stop
not walk wet away
and not resist arrest
for misinterpreted inept
attempt at suicide
men with uniforms
without an ear
for languages
shoot holes into your tires

I say stay
here would you
hear me read you
reach you on the waves
across your desk
less than a stone’s throw
though three thousand miles
away and more while Miles and I
play smiling while we sing
into the garden.

Gloria for David on the radio –Feb. 7, 1010


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