Friday, April 27, 2012

Vivekanand Jha


This guy: reformist,
revolutionist and non-conformist,
has no inhibition and restraint
on brazen and palpitating passion.

He is hell-bent to turn this heaven to hell
He would spit and urinate where he dwells
He wants this mundane world crumbled and crashed
Like computer with one click
of mouse on virus carrier:

Without bothering its pros and cons
without any semblance of shame
without calculating any plus or minus
He will have no peace and bliss
till he delivers baby through his anus.


1 comment:

    (for Manoranjan Byapari, a dalit writer who writes in Bangla)
    --Jaydeep Sarangi

    You may dismiss all I record here
    Stop! Please don’t ignore them as junk...
    Here it goes....Hope you hear me....
    You will hear me one day, sure!
    You can never hide your face, Priyotosh.
    We’ll get you in streets and lanes
    Of this incredible city of joy.

    Long struggles
    demystified Byapari of false tags
    of the caste-ridden society
    beauty in the working class,
    cooperation among the have-nots,
    humanism among rebels,
    simplicity among outcastes.

    Byapari drinks them all.....
    he salvages various concepts
    from the hasty derogatory labels of the privileged,
    and makes the understanding concepts
    more complete and realistic.

    We remain
    as hands folded in inaction;
    prisoners outside jail.
    Lectures move electorate in a civil society
    Justice cries in a caged cell.

    Byapari writes a new history
    as Shankha Ghosh recommends
    his books for Bengalis,
    only Hope against Hope.
    Artists are legislators of the world!
    let there be enough crackers to celebrate
    it further
    under an alien sky.

    There is hardly anything ‘complete in completeness’.

    (Shankha Ghosh is a Bengali Indian poet and critic.He released Byapari’s book, “Amanushik” and spoke for Manoranjan Byapari on the 27th August,2013 in an evening gathering in Kolkata)