Monday, April 30, 2012

Patrick McManus


bad graffiti
faded hippy
by the hotel
bad smell
of the drains
the window
of the room
like a cell
with a view
like a prison
daylight barely
filters down
falters fades
a deep well
the safe which
does not work
will never close
the ripped scars
upon the wall
the lift that
does not work
or does sometimes
the brown stains
that adorn the sink
the broken window
that heaves open
the singed lampshades
of dead stale smoke
the power cuts
suddenly striking
the bathroom ceiling
sad paint all flaky
toilet flush wobbly
bidet on the move
gently rocking
door self opening
all so revealing
light that flashes
flashes all night

I must be back!
back in Barcelona!
¡Barri gòtic!


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